Stratification and Biodiversity in Pennsylvania's Northeastern Deciduous Forest


Beth Aaron (far right)
Beth Aaron, helping students

Elizabeth A. Aaron

B.S. Biology, Pennsylvania State University, 2002
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, Pennsylvania State University, 2004

Prior to persuing a teaching career Beth worked with the United States Department of Agriculture in the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services division. She was also employed as a crop health scout with a major wholesale perennial grower. Her job involved identifying pests and diseases within the crops and training new employees on the importance of sanitation within the greenhouses.

Beth, a recent graduate, is currently substitute teaching while she searches for a full time Biology position with a challenging school district. As a student teacher, Beth carried out many exciting lesson plans ranging from acid mine drainage to DNA extraction with her tenth grade students. She is known for her ability to connect with students and draw them into lessons with hands on learning.

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Aspiring Biology Teacher

Beth Aaron, helping students