Stratification and Biodiversity in Pennsylvania's Northeastern Deciduous Forest


Tim Dugan

Timothy R. Dugan

Assistant District Forester, William Penn State Forest            
PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry

Tim is currently employed as a service forester for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As a service forester within the Bureau of Forestry, Tim’s goal is to foster and support private forestland stewardship while serving as a valuable source of information and assistance. The duties of a service forester cover a wide variety of activities, which can most often be linked to private landowner land management and education. The primary goal instilled is to educate, encourage, and assist private landowners, municipalities, and the general public in the proper establishment, management, and protection of their forest resources.

When working with private landowners proper, sustainable, forest management is key. Frequent activities include technical assistance and advice concerning timber harvests, forestland use, forest insects and diseases, invasive plant control, and Forest Stewardship planning. Along with these activities there are also several cost sharing programs that give landowners financial assistance and a tree seedling program.

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