Raptor Migration: Local, Cooperative and Global


Gabriel Santos

Gabriel Santos

Gabriel N. Santos is an undergraduate at the Pennsylvania State University, Berks campus majoring in biology. His research experiences have focused on the use of animal species' population trends as "flagships" to raise awareness of the need to protect entire habitats and to monitor an ecosystem's health. He has studied and researched the status of migratory raptors in the eastern coast migratory routes at the Kittatinny Mountains in Pennsylvania. During his research, he has been trained in the practices of migratory raptor identification and the use of prior migration data sets to assess a raptor's conservation status. Gabe has worked with experienced bird-banders to learn standard practices for trapping and banding of migratory birds which follow federal and state governmental regulations. His undergraduate research results have indicated an increase in red-tail hawk species' populations, suggesting that the conservation status of these birds was stable for the last 15 years.

Recently, he collaborated with Dr. Jacqueline McLaughlin, Founding Director of the CHANCE Program, to storyboard and develop the research module, Raptor Migration: Local, Cooperative, and Global. He played a key role in blending real-world scientific data and research into this pedagogical tool. Presently, he is acting as her laboratory assistant and student tutor for Penn State undergraduates at the Penn State Lehigh Valley campus who are majoring in biology.

Post graduation, his academic goal is to earn a Ph.D. in order to continue in his quest to further our understanding of ecology, environmental science and evolutionary biology through basic research, and to positively contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

Gabriel can be reached at: gns5007@psu.edu